Intellectual Property & 技术法律

Intellectual property is one of the fastest-growing legal specialties in the United States, and increasingly in the world. 巴黎圣母院 法律 School’s Program of Study in Intellectual Property and 技术法律 prepares students to practice in a wide variety of intellectual property-related fields. Our faculty teach basic and advanced courses in the core doctrines of intellectual property — patent, 版权, trademark and unfair competition—and related fields including design, 网络法, 和反垄断.

Prominent practicing IP lawyers serve as adjunct professors, bringing their specialized expertise to the classroom and providing valuable mentoring and networking opportunities for students. And students can develop important practice skills through externships and/or participation in our unique Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic.

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Foundational Intellectual Property Courses

的 Intellectual Property curriculum is built upon three core courses: Patent, 版权, and Trademarks and Unfair Competition. 的se semester-long classes are taught by full-time 巴黎圣母院 faculty members, typically every year, and they provide a comprehensive introduction to the various IP regimes. Students considering a career in IP are strongly encouraged to take all three.

A fourth foundational class, Intellectual Property Survey, is designed for students who are interested in exploring potential interest in IP or those who intend to develop a general commercial practice and desire some exposure to IP issues. 的 course provides a broad-based introduction to patents, 版权, and trademarks in a single semester. Students who have already taken one of the core IP courses are not eligible to take the Survey course, except in special circumstances by permission of the IP faculty.

Advanced Intellectual Property Courses

法学院 offers a number of advanced courses that build on the knowledge and skills developed in the foundational courses or introduce adjacent areas of technology law. Those courses include:

  • Trade Secrets and Unfair Practices (covering primarily trade secret and false advertising)
  • 网络法
  • 网络罪行法
  • 设计法
  • Entertainment/IP 法律
  • Information Privacy 法律
  • Information 技术法律
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • International Intellectual Property
  • Licensing Transactions
  • 专利起草
  • 专利诉讼
  • PTO Proceedings Post AIA
  • Telecommunications Regulation Seminar
  • Trademark Prosecution


法学院 also offers a number of courses in related fields that are quite relevant to the practice of IP law, 包括:

  • 行政法 
  • 反垄断
  • Behavioral Analysis of 法律
  • Bioethics and the 法律 Seminar 
  • 药物 & 医疗器械法
  • International Art 法律 Seminar 
  • International Business Transactions 
  • 法律 & 经济学研讨会 
  • 法律 & 企业家
  • 补救措施

的 Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic operates as a small, boutique law firm focused on assisting clients with transactional IP issues. 的 purpose of the Clinic is to provide students with valuable experience in applying substantive intellectual property law to real-world problems, and to produce high-caliber work product for Clinic clients. Exemplary matters include preparing patentability and trademark opinions, filing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications, drafting license agreements, as well as counseling clients on a range of intellectual property matters.

Second- and third-year law students work directly with clients under the close supervision of the Clinic Director, 乔迪•克利福德, a patent attorney who has substantial private practice experience. 的 Clinic includes a classroom component focused on substantive intellectual property law and core practice skills, including patent and trademark search techniques and analysis, legal opinion writing, client communication and interviewing. Clinic students take primary responsibility for the cases and clients to which they are assigned.

Students are required to apply for participation in the Clinic and are selected by the Director for admission on a semester-by-semester basis. 


帕特里夏·L. Bellia
威廉J. 多萝西·K. O'Neill 法学教授

Director, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

兰迪·J. Kozel
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
黛安和M.O. Miller II Research 法学教授

Director, Research Program on 法律 and Market Behavior (ND LAMB)
Global 法学教授, 大学 of Haifa Faculty of 法律

Stephen Yelderman
Director, Program on Intellectual Property & 技术法律


For more information about this Program of Study in Intellectual Property and 技术法律, 请联系 Stephen Yelderman.